My research interests include feminist theory, intersectionality, critical race theory and 20th century Continental philosophy.

My PhD research was supervised by dr. Veronica Vasterling (Philosophy) and dr. Anneke Smelik (Cultural Studies) at Radboud University Nijmegen. In this research, entitled Travelling Truths: Sojourner Truth, Intersectionality and Feminist Scholarship, I take the iconic story of Sojourner Truth, the 19th century American abolitionist and feminist speaker, as my entry point to explore the emergence and development of intersectional feminist scholarship. In 1851, Sojourner Truth addressed an audience at a Women’s Rights Convention in the United States with a speech that has since become world famous. Truth’s speech has become known for the repetition of a simple yet provocative question: ‘Ain’t I a woman?’. My dissertation examines how the iconic story of Sojourner Truth and the ‘Ain’t I a woman?’ speech has been taken up and retold by feminists in different times, places and geopolitical contexts. Rather than being focused primarily on the historical figure of Sojourner Truth, the dissertation uses this story as a red thread to bring together historical and current debates within feminist scholarship. In particular, the focus is on how the story of Sojourner Truth is related to intersectionality, an approach within feminist scholarship that studies different forms of oppression in their connection to one another.

The dissertation contributes to existing literature on the historiography of feminist ideas, as well as feminist intersectionality studies. I propose the notion of “travelling truths” as a way to look at feminist knowledge production and practice historiography of feminist ideas. Rather than searching for the one, authentic historical truth, the dissertation proposes a view of truth that is particular yet multiple: a product of dialogues across differences. In addition, the dissertation contributes to feminist intersectionality studies by interrogating rather than presupposing the relation between the story of Sojourner Truth and intersectionality, and thus challenges the common view of the story as an intersectional ‘origin story’. The dissertation brings to the foreground various intersecting dimensions of the story of Truth, and within its reception.

I am currently in the progress of turning my book into a monograph for publication.