Welcome to the personal blog of Katrine Smiet!

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy and gender studies at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My research is on intersectional feminist theorizing in Europe. I approach the history of feminist ideas from a travelling theories perspective: looking at how concepts and ideas are transformed through their geo-political, disciplinary, and conceptual travels. For more on my academic work, take a look at my profile on academia.edu

On this blog, you can expect reflections on current events, feminist politics, popular culture, and anything else that is on my mind. I’ll offer you my perspective on what is going on.

The personal, the political and the theoretical come together in this blog. A famous feminist motto from the 1970s holds that the personal is political. With this motto, feminists pointed out how our lives and experiences continue to be shaped by structural inequalities and hierarchies. In order to analyze and understand and critique these structures, a theoretical perspective informed by feminist, anti-racist, postcolonial criticism is needed. This kind of theorizing is not removed from everyday life and experiences, but in dialogue with it, offering new perspectives on it. The personal is political – the political is theoretical – the theoretical is personal.


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